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Unlike most of our colleagues, our story does not start with “as long as we can remember, we have always wanted to be a wedding photographer and videographer”. Our journey took an unexpected turn, an evolution driven by a quest for adventure, freedom and an entrepreneurial spirit.


Our beginnings in fields as varied as engineering and teaching did not predestine us to become witnesses to moments as intimate and significant as weddings. However, photography has always had a place in our lives, a latent passion which found its fulfillment when we decided to create our own company.


Today, with ten years of experience and the celebration of over 250 couples, we pride ourselves on capturing unique moments with a distinct approach. We have found that our own experience as a bride and groom has inspired us to create exceptional memories for other couples.


As a duo, we leverage our expertise to bring refined, timeless moments to life for every wedding we capture.


Our brides and grooms share our passion for beautiful things and authentic emotions, and it is this connection that makes each collaboration unique and precious.




Iconic, luminous, natural images

Elegant, Timeless, delicate style


Our approach is characterized by the creation of iconic and elegant images. ​


These timeless images are carefully designed to offer you the opportunity to relive your intimate memories over the years, evoking deep emotions with each viewing.


Our work is distinguished by meticulous attention to small details, whether it is your accessories or the emotions felt during your big day. We highlight every aspect of your day using natural light, authentically capturing every moment of your wedding and enhancing them with a delicate colorimetry.


We understand the importance of matching your wedding aesthetic to produce a bespoke result, truly reflecting your union as a couple. That's why our reports include a mix of candid and staged photos (with just the right amount of guidance!).


We are not just photographers, but dedicated collaborators ready to guide you throughout this adventure. We are here for you, whether it is to discuss your ideas, help you find professionals to match your wedding aesthetic, or advise you on the ideal lighting scheme for the ceremony. You can contact us at any time during the process with any questions or suggestions.


Our latest generation professional equipment guarantees exceptional results, capturing every moment with unparalleled quality and clarity.


We believe in authentic connection with our couples, because it is this connection that is reflected in our emotional images.


In order to maintain exceptional quality, we deliberately limit the number of weddings we cover each year. This allows us to devote the necessary time and attention to each couple, ensuring a personalized experience and impeccable results.


Additionally, we will work closely with the other professionals who will be working on your wedding, forming a strong team to ensure that every aspect of your day is professionally captured. It is an essential part of our commitment to excellence and creating lasting memories.













When we first met.

Pierre buys his first digital SLR camera.

Pierre obtained his engineering degree in electronics.

Julia has a degree in education and teaching sciences.

Pierre passed his Photography degree, launched his business as a self-employed person and photographed his first wedding.

We get married.

Julia joins Pierre photographs her first wedding.

What was then only a side hustle took on unexpected proportions: we understood that we were going to have to choose between our careers as an engineer and teacher during the week and our passion as a wedding photographer on the weekend.

Pierre leaves his position as an engineer to devote himself fully to wedding photography.

Julia is finishing her last school year. We decide to leave the Parisian region and buy a house. Our weddings take us all over France.


We devote ourselves entirely to our activities as a wedding photographer and videographer. To date, we have supported more than 250 couples!


We have created our training center and we are offering our first workshop for wedding photographers.




we are
high school sweethearts

We are sort of an old couple. We met in high school through a friend we had in common, and we haven't been apart since.

We believe in love

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