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Paris Wedding Photographer

Fine Art Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker in Paris

for modern couples

looking for timeless, refined and authentic pictures

Welcome to our dedicated page for your search for a wedding photographer in Paris.

What you are sure of is that not only do you want beautiful photos of your big day, but you also want to have a great time feeling confident with a professional and dedicated person as such. Keep reading, you're on the right track!

We live in a city called Acquigny in Eure, at about 1 hours drive from Trocadero Square, and we have been working as wedding photographers in Paris since 2013.

Our Approach as Paris Wedding Photographer

You want your wedding to be a big celebration? Would you prefer your big day to be an intimate moment surrounded by your closest family? Whatever the answer, you undoubtedly want to make the most of these moments without having to worry about the photographer and/or videographer. One thing is certain, you want to be able to dance, eat, laugh, drink, and embrace those dear to you, with whom you have chosen to celebrate your love.

We offer a discreet and authentic approach for candid images. Like a photojournalist, we aim to capture these events without interfering with their natural flow.


Our Style

To get a feel for our style, you can visit our portfolio or view the wedding reports below. It's not easy to put words to the sensations and feelings that arise when looking at our work as a whole, but here are some that come to mind: luminous, spontaneous, joyful, natural, colorful, authentic, clear, sincere, fresh...

We draw inspiration from many trends and styles of photography to find our place: photojournalism, fine-art, and fashion photography are among our influences.

Capturing the brilliance of the moment, our bright and clean images highlight every detail and portrait with authenticity. Our refined and gentle style captures the essence of your day, offering timeless memories filled with sincerity.

Our services as Paris wedding photographer and filmmaker

Everything is possible for your big day, you will just have to ask! From getting ready to the first dance, we can be with you as a duo or solo, for photo and/or video. If you are planning a very large number of guests requiring multiple photographers, we have a good number of contacts who can work along with us (all are professionals with the same experience and who have a similar style to ours). Working as a duo (photo+video or photo+photo) can allow you to benefit from our experience to be in two places at once and offer you two different but complementary sensitivities and viewpoints on your day. This also has many advantages: we know how to position ourselves in relation to each other thus not obstructing each other and delivering a better result. We free you from the burden of managing an additional provider as we are equipped and autonomous on the big day. You will also get the same professionalism and style for both photos and videos.


Future brides and grooms booking us six months to a year and a half in advance rarely have their total number of required hours of presence, which is why we have opted for the option to reserve our minimum service of 8 hours. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, we review together or with your wedding planner the schedule of your day and we adjust the duration to suit your needs. Our aim is to offer a flexible, all-in-one, and practical service for your organization.

It would be a pleasure to come and capture your memories in a venue like the Pavillon Gabriel ou encore le Crillon Paris. Of course, this list is not exhaustive as there are many other places to organize your wedding in Paris or nearby! We can also accompany you to other departments if part of your wedding is planned there (for example, in other departments such as Hauts-de-SeineSeine-et-MarneVal d'OiseSeine-Saint-DenisYvelines or Val de Marne)


Our collections start at €600 on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) and €2,500 on weekends (Friday-Sunday). Future brides and grooms who contact us receive, after an initial in-person or phone meeting, a contract tailored to their request. They save valuable time by not having to arrange our accommodation and manage our travel on the big day. There is no need to provide anything other than meal(s) during the wedding day as travel expenses are already included in our rate.

We can also offer you other services: photo book printing, engagement session, proposals, etc.

If you are not comfortable with your image and would like to have an experience before the wedding day to be more relaxed, then the engagement/save the date session is for you and is priced at €900. We can spend time together, get to know each other, and interact to give you the most natural and authentic result possible.



Sophie & Robbie


Meghna & Zack


Claire & Pierre


Sarah & Nathan


Winnie & Jean

Veronica & Nicolas

Burgundy, France

Sophie & Robbie

Chateau de Jalesnes, France

Edito : Romance Automnale

Domaine du Réveillon, France

Claire & Pierre

Ain, France

Winnie & Jean

Château de Saint-Loup sur Thouet, France

Edito : Haute-Couture 2.0

Paris, France

Our favorites places for Paris wedding photography

  1. The Eiffel Tower: One of the most iconic symbols of Paris, providing a spectacular backdrop for romantic photos.

  2. The Pont Alexandre III: This magnificent bridge spanning the Seine is renowned for its elegant architecture and panoramic views of the city.

  3. The Louvre: The famous museum offers a multitude of settings, from the glass pyramids to the Cour Carrée, perfect for artistic photo sessions.

  4. Montmartre and the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur: This picturesque neighborhood is full of charm with its cobblestone streets, quaint stairs, and iconic basilica.

  5. The Tuileries Gardens: These French gardens offer an elegant setting with their tree-lined avenues, ponds, and sculptures, perfect for classic photos.

  6. The Pont des Arts: This pedestrian bridge, famous for its love locks, offers a magnificent view of the Seine and the surrounding historic buildings.

  7. The Palais Royal: With its striped columns, French gardens, and square courtyard, the Palais Royal offers an elegant and refined setting for wedding photos.

  8. The Latin Quarter: This historic district is full of picturesque alleys, lively squares, and historic buildings, offering many varied settings for unique photos.

  9. The Canal Saint-Martin: This picturesque canal lined with trees, footbridges, and houseboats offers a romantic and authentic setting for wedding photos.

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