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Versailles Wedding Photographer

Fine Art Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker


looking for timeless, refined and authentic pictures.

Welcome to our page dedicated to your search for a wedding photographer in Versailles.

You desire splendid photographs of your wedding, capturing every moment, from the significant moments to the smallest details. It is crucial that your photographer is capable of guiding you and putting you at ease.

And here you are, in the right place! We are Pierre & Julia, wedding photographer and videographer in Versailles, specialized in capturing weddings as a duo or solo since 2013.

Our approach as Versailles wedding photographer

Your wedding, you've been dreaming about it for months (even years!), you want to enjoy it. And you're right! The day goes by so quickly...

That's why our approach is discreet. Like a documentary, we witness your big day without influencing the course of events.

We avoid endless posing sessions and incessant directives under the scorching sun. Our approach is spontaneous. During your wedding day, we capture every moment while you experience them fully. Our photos immortalize fleeting moments, reflecting your love, gestures, and values.

We understand that your wedding is much more than just an event; it's a unique experience. Having crossed this threshold ourselves in 2014, we are committed to making this experience as memorable as possible. A bad experience with a photographer could alter your perception of the photos and your memories.


Our Style

Our images are vibrant, luminous, often captured in the moment. We love to immortalize moments of joy, bursts of laughter, and the bond that exists between our couples.

You can browse through our portfolio to get a sense of our style, as an image often speaks louder than words.

We operate like photojournalists, favoring authentic and spontaneous moments to capture the memories of your wedding in their sincerity. During ceremonies, our emotions often come through, reflecting our sensitivity and emotional investment in every moment.

All the decorative elements of your wedding, as well as the numerous accessories such as rings, stationery, flowers, and attire, are carefully chosen by you in the months leading up to your union and deserve to be highlighted. Our editorial approach aims to magnify them, creating sophisticated images that transcend mere documentation.

Furthermore, our photographic aesthetic is characterized by a palette of neutral and timeless colors, thus capturing the essence of each moment with elegance. Our images stand out for their purity and simplicity, showcasing the emotions and precious moments of your wedding day.

Our Versailles Photographer and Filmmaker services

Every couple who contacts us is unique, with their own expectations and story. That's why we offer personalized support to guide you through the months leading up to your special day. We are committed to engaging in dialogue with you, understanding your expectations, and addressing all your questions.

Our services are adaptable based on the coverage duration needed to capture your wedding day. Whether you prefer a team or an individual photographer, for photography or videography, our rates start at €600 for civil weddings on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and €2,500 on weekends (Friday to Sunday).

Our commitment to you goes beyond just providing a service. We firmly believe in the importance of building an authentic connection between you as a couple and us as a team of professionals, to capture the spontaneous and sincere moments you seek. A deep understanding of your expectations and concerns will better prepare us to meet your needs in case of unexpected events.

We would be delighted to photograph your wedding at your chosen venue, such as the Hotel Dolce Versailles ou au Château de Méridon. Of course, this list is not exhaustive as there are many other venues to host weddings in Versailles or nearby!



Sophie & Robbie


Meghna & Zack


Claire & Pierre


Sarah & Nathan


Winnie & Jean

Veronica & Nicolas

Burgundy, France

Sophie & Robbie

Chateau de Jalesnes, France

Edito : Romance Automnale

Domaine du Réveillon, France

Claire & Pierre

Ain, France

Winnie & Jean

Château de Saint-Loup sur Thouet, France

Edito : Haute-Couture 2.0

Paris, France

Our favorite locations for wedding photos in Versailles

  1. The Palace of Versailles: With its magnificent gardens, fountains, statues, and majestic architecture, the palace provides a royal setting for wedding photos.

  2. The Gardens of the Palace of Versailles: This expansive landscaped park is full of picturesque corners, romantic groves, and magnificent vistas, perfect for photo sessions.

  3. The Grand Canal: Located in the palace park, the Grand Canal offers stunning reflections and a peaceful atmosphere for romantic waterfront photos.

  4. The Queen's Hamlet: This small rustic village built for Marie-Antoinette is a charming spot for wedding photos with a bucolic and picturesque style.

  5. The Trianons (Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon): These royal pavilions offer elegant and refined settings for wedding photos with a touch of history.

  6. The Domaine de Marly: Located near Versailles, this estate includes French gardens and historic buildings offering elegant settings for wedding photos.

  7. The King's Kitchen Garden: This historic vegetable garden is full of plants and flowers, providing a colorful and unique background for photo sessions.

  8. The Forest of Versailles: The vast surrounding woods offer varied natural landscapes, perfect for outdoor wedding photos.

  9. The city of Versailles: With its cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and elegant atmosphere, the city itself offers many picturesque spots for photo sessions.

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